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The Option A Anthem (Proud To Be A Bean)

by Badlabecques



Pouor lé fèrre-pliaie et l'progrès, votez A!

So we've joined the A Team! We've have recorded a song to help drum up interest in the Jersey Referendum. We are keen to promote debate and highlight the importance of fairness and democracy in our island.
‘The Option A Anthem’ is in English and Jèrriais, and is a re-working of a song by another Jersey group - Sergeant Pipon's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Kit Ashton says:
“I don’t think enough people realise what’s a stake here. Democracy is so important if we want to see a better society in Jersey. We want people to engage in rational debate then get out and vote no matter what, and we believe if you care about fairness and equality then Option A is the only one to vote for. It’s the only democratic Option, and it gives Constables the choice of either standing for the States or simply focussing on their Parish work. It’s fair and simple, whereas Option B is deeply unfair and Option C is just the current mess we have at the moment. Option A all the way!”

We're also keen to stress the cultural element of the debate.

“Whether it’s local music, Jèrriais, or politics, culture must evolve or die. If we want to retain what’s best about our island – our community life and rich heritage – then we shouldn’t be afraid of positive change, but embrace what will help us all move forwards together.”

Please visit www.theateam.org.je for more information.


The Option A Anthem (Proud To Be A Bean)

I’m proud… yes I’m proud
And I’m glad… yes I’m glad
Yes I’m proud… and I’m glad… to be a Bean!
Drink to St. Martin, St. Peter and St. John
Drink to St. Helier, St. Clement and St Ouen
Grouville, St. Saviour, drink to St. Mary
St. Brelade and St. Laurence, drink to Trinity!

J'sis fyi… j'sis bein fyi (I’m proud)
J'sis heutheux… bein heutheux (I’m happy)
Et j'sis fyi… et j'sis heutheux
D'êt' un crapaud! (To be a toad!)

À l'honneu d'Saint Pièrre, Saint Martîn, Saint Louothains (A toast to St. Peter, St. Martin and St. Lawrence),
La santé d'La Trinn'té, Saint Brélade et Saint Ouën (Cheers to Trinity, St. Brelade and St. Ouen),
Grouville, Saint Saûveux, la santé d'Sainte Mathie (Grouville, St. Saviour, cheers to St. Mary)
Saint Jean, Saint Cliément, et à l'honneu d'Saint Hélyi (St. John, St. Clement and a toast to St. Helier)!


released April 19, 2013
Badlabecques featuring Julie Riley on Fiddle




Badlabecques UK

Badlabecques are a pop-folk band from Jersey, Channel Islands, who sing in the endangered language of Jèrriais.

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